• Kwan Yin

    Kwan Yin, only son to Chan and Kato Yin. Their parents before them travelled far before settling down in the city of Manaket. The Yin family continued in there forefather's footsteps and opened a temple dedicated to meditation and inner strength. They …

  • Sunderhoff

    Second cousin to the first brother of King Janderhoff, Sunderhoff was exiled for punching the King after he tried to have Sunderhoff marry the kings paraplegic sister. His hope is to become like his famous half cousin thrice removed, and thus he …

  • Zaknafein

    Born in Zirnakaynin, freed from slavery. Capturerd by Hellknights. A priest of Shelyn bought him from a slave wagon. Now he serves willingly the temple.

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